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Thursday, November 4th

Hola, church in Victoria!  This will be our final transmission from the Dominican Republic. We have had an awesome time here - a great opportunity to bless and be blessed - so thank you for enabling us to go on this mission. We would like to dedicate this final report to Brian A. and Suzy and Carlos K. who could not come with us physically but were here in spirit. God bless you all.

On Wednesday, we had torrential rains on and off all day, which made it was too wet to have the carnival at the school or to work at Munoz, so we ended up relaxing at the hotel. Some of the team went swimming in the Atlantic, while others went shopping and sightseeing.

Today, on the other hand, was a beautiful sunny day. We had the carnival after all and enjoyed a great time playing with the students of Ecole Ebenezer (even though it was terribly chaotic at times!). We gave away our work shoes, clothes and gloves as well as the goods we brought from Victoria.

The water cistern is in place and working, and the permit for the classroom construction has come through (although we are getting the sense that the Lord is directing the project in a slightly different direction than the one we had planned). We said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel.

We'll stay at the hotel tomorrow and bus to the airport at 6 pm. We fly into Toronto at 1 am and on to the coast 7 hours later. Finally, we'll arrive in Victoria around noon on Saturday. We can't wait to see you all and share our experiences of what the Lord has done.

Tuesday, November 2nd

It was a very busy day today, with lots of painting accomplished on the school and the church.  The culvert is in at the bottom of main street and we've managed to gravel it all the way.  As in previous days, the Munovians pitched in and managed to do much of the work!

We spent some time dividing the vitamins (donated by the New Life community) into bags with a 1 month's supply and sent them home with the kids.  Some of our other activities included:

- Sorting the sewing fabric we brought with us.
- Having Daryl fix more lights and fans.

- Watching the kids be entertained by a puppeteer.

Tomorrow is a big carnival day for the students at the school, so we spent time preparing with Kathy (Brian's sister), her friend Judy and the rest of our team.


Monday, November 1st

We had another eventful day.  Last night we had a birthday celebration at Brian and Deanna's place for Kathy (Jan and Brian's sister) and today, we painted the school building at Munoz and worked at repairing earthquake cracks.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of rice, veggies and chicken prepared by one of the Munoz ladies.  After lunch, we spread some more gravel on the roadway and began to work at installing a culvert across the road (to reduce the mud).  We also distributed some of the goods we brought to the principal, Patrick.

Sunday, October 31st

Thank you for your prayers! They are making a big difference.

On Saturday we loaded ourselves onto an open air bus and went on a tour up into the mountains. We stopped at a few places, one of which was the local craft store where we bought cigars and other interesting stuff.

At the end of the tour, we swam in the Atlantic Ocean. And today we went to church at Munoz - a VERY interesting experience (we'll show pictures and a video when we return so you can see).






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