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Friday, March 23rd

Wednesday everyone worked hard to complete the building struts, but there was an issue and an engineer was called in for a consultation on Thursday morning. This resulted in additional support posts and beams being required. It was disappointing to have to back-track, but much better for safety! The men worked right through the TORRENTIAL downpours all Thursday morning to complete as much as possible.

Two truck-loads of gravel were delivered and this just flew off the shovels! Everyone in the village was so happy at the possibility of clean streets that everyone pitched in to help. There was little Llanda with a broken bucket and a little boy with two cups - so sweet. There was a bit of a mud fight which was hilarious for all.

The crochet ladies are going great guns and the Munoz women really like the results. Dresses, knitted dolls, food, hair pretties, and more were given out over the past couple of days.

Late Thursday afternoon, several of the teens gathered with a soccer ball and big match was immediately struck. Mud plus village boys plus all of our girls equals a huge amount of fun. It was great to see the Munoz kids forget about everything for a while and just have a good time.

We were all sad and some of us even shed tears as we said goodbye to our friends. We went up to Munoz Friday morning, with the men working to install the first of the corrugated tin roofing! We said adieu, prayed a blessing over the village, and Larry made a dedication for the building and for the completion of the construction. We finished by singing “Praise the Lord” and all of the children, teachers and workers joined in - it was awesome. God is GOOD!!! May His love rain down on them all!

Tuesday, March 20th

Tuesday saw all 30-odd of us up at the village most of the day.

We finally demolished/moved the huge pile of rock fill delivered yesterday morning. The men were busy with scaffolding, support beams and other manly stuff, with the added challenges of language, differing ideas on how to build, and a few Haitian egos thrown in for good measure - and they are all doing great! All things considered, the building is progressing at a good pace; lots of lumber arrived today and more rebar went into the cement.

All afternoon, we had a medical clinic in Munoz and ended up treated almost 40 people. Common ailments include infections, pain, a couple of female afflictions, scabies and parasites. Several of the young ladies helped out with this, as well as some of our New Life women. The nurse, Karen, has a huge heart and an iron will so she held it together.

Peanut butter buns were served to all of the schoolchildren during their recesses, which provides some nutrition. Arts and crafts were a riot, with pipe cleaners made into glasses and pinwheels for pencils. Babies and toddlers are everywhere with youngsters running amongst the shovels and pick axes.

Daniela Etienne's funeral was today, which all of her classmates left school to attend. They all returned to school right away, as they are used to sadness here.

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