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Wednesday, March 20th

Last day to work at the village! We completed the playground!! Gravel spread!!

The kids lined up at 7 am when Patrick (the principal) opened up the gates. They are so pleased and so proud of their community area. The new classrooms are almost completed, the chalkboards are finished with three coats of green grout, the inside and outside walls are finished with a skim of concrete, the roof has been slightly extended, and the front porch was completed with railings and concrete floor, however, we left before seeing the final pour of the back ramp to the bathrooms.

When we bought Jeff his musical instruments, he promised us a good-bye concert. At 11:30 he called us into the church and with a few of his friends, he put on an AMAZING concert of hymns and classical musical. He said he could play but what came out of that instrument was unbelievable. He thanked us for bringing music into the community and school. The last song was "Old Lang Syne". There wasn't a dry eye in the place. We were so taken by their appreciativeness for us working side by side with them to accomplish such a happy place for the children. Patrick presented us with a plaque to put up at CEB thanking everyone for all we have done for them. Good-byes were hard as we left the village.

Tuesday, March 19th

Another incredible day of teamwork and great accomplishments!  We started our day by needing a drill and a bit. We teamed up with Hero Holidays and asked if they had a drill we could borrow for the day. They did, so we stopped at the local hardware store and bought the bit that we needed to drill a hole to attach the tether balls. Upon arrival at the village we tied up the tether balls to the two poles, proceeded to level off the playing area and then put down gravel. Even the principal had never heard of tether ball, so he was pleased with how simple yet effective it was.

The kids ran three bead bracelet clinics with all the morning kids. During recess the kids were served bread, peanut butter and a fruit punch drink. The students were not allowed to use the playground, as too much work was still happening and they would just be in the way. After recess, the Hope kids did two more workshops with the kindergarten kids on playing together and sharing. The boys had cars and a floor mat and the girls had a bag full of Polly Pocket dolls and furniture. It was interesting to watch the interactions. The teacher is to keep these two games so the kids can play with them on rainy days.

Concrete was poured for the monkey bars and a rope climbing contraption. As this needed to set we all went back to the resort for lunch. Steve, Annis, Lena and Kathy went back to the village in the afternoon and got a lot of odds and ends tied up. Steve put up another row of tin sheeting on the roof to prevent the rain from coming in. This is a temporary fix until the rest of the roof can be completed. Annis did some social studies’ lessons with the older kids. They had no idea how small Haiti was compared to the rest of the world. At recess, the afternoon classes got their bread and peant butter snack and then ran to the playground where were allowing them to use the swings, tether ball and chin up bars. They had so much fun!

 As we were leaving several parents were watching the children playing and they said, “Now when we can’t find our children, we know where to look. They won’t be playing in the street.” Gracias, Gracias, Merci, Merci It is so hard to fathom how such a far fetched plan of building a playground actually came to futition. It was a big plan, but as a team, we were able to accomplish it one piece at a time and one fundraiser at a time. Thank you Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver and especially Hope!

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