Small Groups

We believe that small groups are an important part of raising up fruitful and fulfilled disciples of Jesus.

Why Small Groups?

We believe that God desires us to gather together corporately in order to celebrate Him and be built up in our faith.  While we hold faithfully to the value of meeting as a whole, we also recognize the equal importance of meeting in smaller groups.  Here we can connect on a more personal level, and are able to encourage one another to grow and flourish individually. 

Small groups provide opportunity for:

Spiritual Strengthening:  There is a building up in our faith that comes when we meet together with other believers.  Along with the building up that comes from our weekend gathering, meeting a second time in the week provides extra strengthening, refreshing and refocus.

Spiritual Growth:  Small groups are also a place where we can study with others to become mature in Christ. As we hear God's word together we can find challenge through accountability, insight from the perspectives of others, and inspiration from seeing how members of the group live out the truth and follow Christ.  Small groups are also an excellent place to provide nurturing and mentoring for new believers.

Building Community:   Many find it hard to get to know people during the corporate gathering. Meeting in smaller groups allows us to get to know others. By sharing our joys, struggles and desires, we begin to build lasting relationships.  Small groups are a place where we can love and be loved.

Prayer:  Small groups give an opportunity to pray on a regular basis. We can get prayer for our personal needs, as well as pray for others, our church, and beyond. Jesus calls His church to be a house of prayer. Prayer opens the door for God to work in us and through us.

Learning to Minister:  There are many opportunities to serve and discover your gifts in small groups.  It could be argued that small groups are one of the best places to learn to minister to others. It is also a place where you can receive encouragement and support for other ways you are ministering outside the group.


The following are comments from members of our small groups:

I like to go to home groups because it helps me to get to know people in the church better. You have time in the group to talk in-depth with other people that you don't get on Sunday morning. This gives you a sense of connectedness.

Meeting regularly with a group to study the Word, pray for people and receive prayer, helps you to feel that you have a place in the body and you are part of a family.

It's neat to get to know people as the year goes on and it's neat to see God working in these people's lives. I love that we can stand together and support each other in prayer times and that we can rejoice together when God answers our prayers, which happens quite often!

Being a part of a small group has been great. It's given me a chance to experience the 'family' side of church. Feeling accepted and received by others has been a powerful source of grace and healing. It's also fun!

Current Schedule

Our small groups run from September to June of each year, with breaks for holidays.

Groups by Location

Esquimalt/Vic West
Wednesdays at 7 pm (every second week)
Leader: Rachel S.

Wednesdays at 7 pm
Leader: Ken A.

Saanich West
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
Leader: Larry H.

Did You Know?

New Life Community Fellowship offers small groups targeted specifically at young adults.

Wednesdays at 7 pm
Location: 242 Glenairlie Drive
Leaders: Scott and Hayley Janzen

Our small groups run from September to June of each year.

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